Post-doc positions in cryptography

The Applied Crypto group of the University of Luxembourg is offering multiple post-doc positions in cryptography, funded by the H2020 ERC programme. Possible topics of interests are fully homomorphic encryption, multilinear maps, public-key cryptanalysis, side channel attacks and countermeasures, white-box cryptography, and blockchain applications.

The post-docs will be members of the Security and Trust (SnT) research center from the university of Luxembourg (>200 researchers in all aspects of IT security). We offer a competitive salary (about 60,000 euro/year gros). The duration of the position is 2.5 years.


Candidates should submit the following documents: For further information please contact: Jean-Sebastien Coron - jean-sebastien.coron at uni dot lu

To apply:

Closing Date for Applications: June 30th, 2021. We encourage early applications.